A criminal conviction can result in costly fines, probation or prison time and may even break up your family or hinder your ability to find employment. Michael J. Beatrice, Attorney at Law, has more than 40 years of experience as both a prosecutor and a defense attorney in New Jersey. As a criminal appeal attorney in Bergen County area, he has helped hundreds of clients appeal their convictions in cases involving drug charges, assault, theft, sexual assault, homicide and other offenses.

Deadlines For Filing Criminal Appeals In New Jersey

Deadlines for filing a criminal appeal are extremely short in New Jersey, so it’s vital to seek the counsel of an attorney experienced in criminal appeals immediately following your conviction. You have only 45 days to file an appeal for Superior Court convictions, 20 days for Municipal Court convictions and just 14 days for federal convictions.

Why Do I Need A Criminal Appeal Attorney?

Although appealing your conviction may seem daunting, it’s important to remember that the appeals process can give you the chance to prove your innocence with a new trial. Although you’re not required to be represented by an attorney when you file an appeal, the complexity of the criminal appeals process in New Jersey doesn’t lend itself to successful self-representation.

Unlike a criminal trial, when you file an appeal, the burden of proof falls on the appellant, not the prosecutor. Mr. Beatrice’s extensive courtroom experience and unique legal perspective give him an edge that helps him develop creative and effective strategies to achieve the best possible outcome for your criminal appeal.

Mr. Beatrice carefully reviews the facts of your case and original conviction and may address issues such as:

  • Prosecutorial or police misconduct
  • Improper jury instruction
  • Improperly excluded or admitted evidence
  • Inappropriately granted or denied pretrial motions
  • An excessive or unreasonable sentence

If new evidence comes to light that may reduce or remove your criminal liability, Mr. Beatrice uses his resources and skills to protect your rights, prove your innocence and ensure your appeal is presented clearly and effectively.

Contact A Knowledgeable Criminal Appeal Attorney In Bergen County area

Michael J. Beatrice is dedicated to providing top-notch legal representation for criminal appeals in Bergen County area, and surrounding areas. For a free telephone consultation, contact Michael J. Beatrice, Attorney at Law, at 201-512-8200.

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