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Are switchblades illegal in New Jersey?

| Nov 22, 2022 | Criminal Defense |

If you have any questions or uncertainty about laws related to knives and other weapons, it is pivotal to find answers immediately. Some people face serious charges because they did not realize how the laws in one state differed in comparison to another state, while others do not realize that certain items are illegal to possess. For example, possessing a switchblade knife can lead to serious penalties.

On top of court-imposed penalties, you could encounter many other difficulties in the wake of weapons charges, from a shattered reputation to career challenges.

New Jersey’s stance on switchblade knives

According to the New Jersey Legislature, it is against the law to possess a switchblade knife without having an explainable, legal reason to have the knife in your possession. Other types of knives and weapons are also illegal to possess if you do not have a lawful purpose, such as slingshots, metal knuckles and gravity knives.

The penalties for illegally possessing a switchblade knife

The NJ Legislature states that unlawfully possessing a switchblade knife constitutes a fourth-degree crime. As a result, you could face time behind bars and a significant fine if accused of possessing a switchblade illegally. Moreover, you could run into problems with regard to your friends and family members. You might lose your job or have a hard time finding work in the future as a result of this case.

When it comes to weapons charges due to switchblades and other potentially unlawful objects, every situation is unique and it is crucial to review the individual details surrounding your case.