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Domestic Violence Allegations Ruin Lives

What happens behind closed doors can have a serious impact on your life, especially if people misconstrue an argument or even outright lie. Suddenly, an argument is abuse, and your whole life is changed.

With more than 45 years of experience in criminal law, former prosecutor Michael J. Beatrice understands the stakes. He uses aggressive defense tactics to minimize the affect domestic violence allegations can have on your life. If you live in New Jersey, Michael J. Beatrice, P.C., Attorney at Law, is a firm you can trust to protect you. Schedule today.

Domestic Assault Is More Than A Criminal Charge

Unlike some other criminal allegations, domestic violence and abuse have unique affects on your life, especially in family law and immigration. For immigrants, domestic violence convictions can put a stop to any visa application or naturalization effort. In some cases, it even leads to deportation.

Most importantly, these cases can be highly contentious and volatile. They often involve very little evidence and rely heavily on police and the alleged victim’s testimony. Despite this, judges and juries can be very harsh. Without proactive and assertive defense strategies, you may find yourself facing criminal penalties or worse.

Before You Do Anything Else, Call Michael J. Beatrice, P.C., Attorney at Law

The sooner you call for an attorney, the more power you have. This is because the prosecutors have less time to take advantage of your situation and because your attorney has more time to build a proactive and considered defense. You can schedule a free appointment with attorney Beatrice at his office in Mahwah by calling 201-897-3570.