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Getting A DWI When You’re At Work Or Away From Home

If you are traveling, a drunk driving arrest can have an outsized influence on your life. Unlike a DWI close to home, if you are traveling out of state or if you are away for work because you drive commercially, a drunk driving charge can mean substantial legal difficulties and financial hardship.

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What To Expect From An Out-Of-State DUI

If a jury finds you guilty of a DWI in New Jersey, you should expect to have consequences at home. States report major incidents like drunk driving to one another and to insurance companies. While you may have to pay fines, serve a sentence or fulfill community service in New Jersey, any broader penalties like license revocation will follow you home.

What To Expect If You Have A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)

As a person with a CDL, your livelihood is now at risk. Many states will automatically revoke CDL status for persons with a drunk driving conviction, and many employment contracts maintain clauses prohibiting work by drivers with DWIs on their record. This is in addition to the many other penalties for drunk driving.

What You Do Next Will Make All The Difference

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