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Drunk Driving-Related Deaths Make Everything More Serious

It’s easily a worst-case scenario: you have a beer or two at a bar and, when you are on your way home, someone crosses against traffic, leading to an accident with you behind the wheel. Even if you only had a beer, the situation looks bad, and you may face years in jail.

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What Is Vehicular Manslaughter And How Does Alcohol Change It?

Vehicular manslaughter is when an accident on the road results in death. It’s a charge that prosecutors bring when a driver’s negligence is the reason for the deadly crash. While a conviction can lead to jail time, the presence of alcohol in the driver’s system will practically guarantee incarceration upon conviction. And, even when you leave jail, it is the kind of charge that will haunt you.

If police arrest you on the scene of an accident like this, you need to protect yourself as soon as possible. A single beer earlier in the night can mean that the prosecutors bring the most serious charge possible. But breathalyzers are frequently wrong, and the exonerating evidence can make an enormous difference. Most importantly, the right legal maneuvers can insulate you from the worst of the possible consequences.

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