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It Started Off As A Traffic Stop And Turned Into A DWI

Police traffic stops are notorious as opportunities to pile on charges, and drunk driving allegations are no exception. When driving, the cops should presume you are innocent unless and until they see you doing something wrong. A traffic stop should not be a chance for them to over police.

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Creating A Defense Strategy That Works

There are many possible routes a defense could take, but there are a few underlying questions that will determine exactly which one is best. First, it is important to determine:

  • The underlying reason for the stop: If a traffic stop is not warranted, that may mean a violation of your rights. If so, the court may dismiss your case on those grounds alone.
  • Why the stop escalated: The police have a limited set of circumstances under which they can turn a regular traffic stop into a DWI stop (for instance, the presence of an open container of alcohol).
  • How the police determined intoxication levels: Field sobriety testing can be unreliable. Even a breath test is subject to error.

Any number of issues with these underlying factors can mean dismissal, especially if you either were not legally drunk or if the stop was zealous.

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