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Misconceptions surrounding New Jersey DUI stats

by | Nov 1, 2022 | DWI Defense |

Back in 2020, while a pandemic was spreading worldwide, workers in the United States were accustomed to commuting to their respective places of employment. New Jersey was no exception, keeping their cars at home and avoiding co-workers and other “gatherings” that involved multiple people.

By the end of year one, national data revealed drunk driving deaths in the Garden State rose to alarming levels compared to the previous year. However, the numbers may have been inflated, like many misconceptions surrounding a global health crisis.

New insight into actual numbers

New analysis reveals that New Jersey was among a group of states with the least number of drivers traveling under the influence over two years. Zutobi, an online education resource for motor vehicle operators, put New Jersey in the top five, ranking fourth. Specific statistics include:

  • A total of 230 DUI arrests in 2020 for every 100,000 drivers when many states exceeded 300
  • Twenty-five percent of deaths involved drunk driving or 2.4 of 100,000 drivers in the same year
  • A total of 151 vehicle occupants died in the state in 2020, a 17.1 percent increase from 2019
  • Comparatively, national numbers saw a jump of 15 percent in DUI fatalities year over year

New Jersey State Police data reported overall motor vehicle fatalities increased in 2020, with 549 accidents resulting in 587 deaths. Equally troubling was the increase throughout the following year.

Drunk driving is a serious crime that can result in catastrophic criminal and personal consequences. However, an arrest does not mean that a conviction is inevitable. Proving intoxication is a complex process that often involves faulty mechanisms.

The help of an attorney can provide clarity that may lead to the best possible outcome.