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Examples of illegal drug paraphernalia in New Jersey

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2023 | Criminal Defense |

If you find yourself facing charges involving drugs, it is critical to understand how the outcome of this case could impact your life. In fact, even charges that seem relatively minor, such as those involving drug paraphernalia, can have harsh consequences. Not only do court-imposed penalties create major problems, but the case could also affect your career, reputation and future.

It is critical to familiarize yourself with New Jersey’s definition of drug paraphernalia and examine your options if these charges come up.

Drug paraphernalia takes different forms

The New Jersey Legislature covers unlawful drug paraphernalia, which includes an array of objects and materials. For example, objects used to plant, grow and harvest illegal drugs count as paraphernalia. Testing equipment, isomerization devices and scales could also constitute drug paraphernalia. Items used to store drugs, such as balloons, envelopes and capsules could count as illegal drug-related objects, along with blenders, adulterants and dilutants.

Paraphernalia used to consume illegal drugs

Various objects used to consume unlawful substances are against the law to possess, such as pipes, water pipes, roach clips, carburetion masks and cocaine spoons. When deciding whether an item constitutes drug paraphernalia, courts will go over various factors, such as drug residue, the proximity of an object to illegal drugs and the possibility of legal ways people use the item.

Drug paraphernalia allegations can generate considerable anxiety, and you could have uncertainty with respect to approaching these charges. It is extremely important to have a thorough understanding of any unique details surrounding your drug paraphernalia case that could result in a more favorable outcome in court.