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What should you do if the police knock with a warrant?

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2023 | Criminal Defense |

You probably understand that you do not have to allow the police into your home if they arrive without a warrant. You do not even have to answer the door. That does not apply if they have a search warrant.

You should know how to handle the situation when the police knock on your door with a warrant.

You can ask to see the warrant

If the police arrive with a warrant to search your property, you have a right to see the warrant. Exercise that right and review the warrant carefully. Identify what the warrant permits them to look for and which areas of your home it includes. Enforce your right to keep them out of areas prohibited by the terms of the warrant.

You have to let them in

When the police have a search warrant, you cannot legally refuse entry. You must allow the officers to execute that warrant or you may face obstruction charges. Stay out of the way of the search as well. The officers may ask that you sit down to prevent any obstruction issues.

You do not have to answer questions

Even when the police have a warrant, you can still exercise your 5th Amendment rights to remain silent. The presence of a search warrant, or even an arrest warrant, will not negate that right.

Understanding how to handle search warrants and the resulting interactions with the police can make a difference in how they perceive you. Avoid unnecessary complications by honoring the warrant and avoiding interference.