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Handling false allegations of theft

On Behalf of | Jun 29, 2023 | Criminal Defense |

If you currently find yourself accused of theft, you could have a number of immediate concerns and worry about the long-term impact of these allegations. Aside from penalties imposed by the court, you might have difficulty finding work in a particular field due to your record. Moreover, a tarnished reputation could haunt you for years.

This situation can become particularly frustrating if another person has wrongly accused you of stealing.

The penalties for theft in New Jersey

It is important to understand that theft cases take various forms, from those involving automobiles and extortion to using another person’s identity. If convicted, you could face various penalties, depending on the severity of the allegations. According to the New Jersey Legislature, shoplifting charges can lead to community service and at least 90 days behind bars. Other types of theft can result in even harsher prison sentences, and these cases can lead to stiff fines.

Other consequences of theft charges

When it comes to theft cases, an unfavorable outcome in court could follow you for years. Missing out on opportunities as a result of the case could lead to significant emotional hurdles. Losing your job or the ability to secure a new position due to the accusations could result in financial problems. Anxiety, depression and other negative emotions could impact you and your loved ones.

When approaching theft allegations, you need to take a personalized approach and stand firm for your rights. Even seemingly irrelevant details could play an important role in your ability to obtain a more favorable end result. Make sure you analyze the ins and outs of your theft case carefully and gather as much evidence as you can.