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What to expect after a drunk driving arrest

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2023 | DWI Defense |

Getting pulled over and arrested for drunk driving is a stressful and overwhelming experience. That is why you must understand what can happen after an arrest, as it can help you navigate the situation more effectively.

Being aware of possible penalties and consequences can help you make informed decisions moving forward. Here are a few things to expect if arrested for driving under the influence.

Immediate consequences

After an arrest, you will face immediate consequences. This can include spending time in jail, even if just briefly. Additionally, you may face driver’s license suspension, making it illegal for you to drive for a period of time. Losing your license can impact your daily routine and access to transportation.

Legal process

Along with the immediate effects, you may also go through an extended legal process. During your initial court appearance, you will receive information on the charges against you and the potential penalties you might face. It is important to adhere to any instructions given by the court to ensure the best outcome.

Possible penalties

Penalties for DWI can include jail time, fines, mandatory alcohol education programs, and probation. The severity of the penalties depends on factors such as your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) at the time of arrest and whether it is your first offense or a repeat offense. In New Jersey, DWI penalties vary according to the number of previous offenses.

Ignition interlock device

In some cases, a court may order you to install an ignition interlock device in your vehicle. This device requires you to pass a breath test each time you drive. If you breach the legal limit, the vehicle will not start, and you may face increased penalties.

Long-term consequences

The consequences of a drunk driving arrest go beyond the immediate legal ramifications. A conviction can impact your personal and professional life. It might even affect your job prospects, especially if your job requires a clean driving record. It can also carry a social stigma and strain relationships.

As highlighted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, people begin to feel the effects of alcohol at .02% BAC. While motorists should avoid driving at any level of intoxication, they must also understand the possible consequences that can accompany a DWI. It is essential to take the legal process seriously to minimize the impact of a drunk driving charge on your life.