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The impact of drug charges on college students

On Behalf of | May 29, 2024 | Drug Charges |

Drug charges can severely impact college students’ lives in New Jersey. Even minor offenses can have lasting consequences that extend beyond legal penalties.

Legal consequences

Drug charges in New Jersey range from possession and distribution to trafficking. Possession of drugs other than a small amount of marijuana can result in fines, mandatory drug education classes, and a criminal record. More serious charges, like distribution or possession with intent to distribute, can lead to significant fines and jail time.

Academic repercussions

Many colleges have strict policies regarding drug offenses. Students convicted of drug charges may face disciplinary actions, including suspension or expulsion. A drug conviction can also result in the loss of scholarships, financial aid, and campus housing. These academic setbacks can derail a student’s educational and career goals.

Career impact

A drug conviction can impact future employment opportunities. Many employers conduct background checks and may be reluctant to hire someone with a criminal record. Certain professions, such as teaching, healthcare, and law, have stringent licensing requirements that a drug conviction will complicate.

Social and personal consequences

Drug charges can strain relationships with family and friends. Students may also face challenges in securing housing, both on and off-campus, due to their criminal record.

Taking proactive steps

Students should understand the serious implications of drug charges and seek to avoid risky behavior. Those facing charges should prioritize legal advice and support to navigate these challenges. Addressing the root causes, such as seeking counseling for substance abuse, can also help mitigate future risks and aid in recovery.