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Penalties for driving with a suspended license in New Jersey

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2024 | Traffic Violations |

Driving with a suspended license is a serious offense with significant consequences. Authorities treat this violation with severity, resulting in harsh penalties that can impact various aspects of your life.

Fines and fees

Individuals caught driving with a suspended license face substantial fines. These financial penalties can create a significant burden, underscoring the importance of complying with suspension orders.

Jail time

Repeat offenders risk jail time. Courts may impose jail sentences for multiple offenses, highlighting the gravity of driving with a suspended license. This punitive measure aims to deter repeat violations and promote adherence to the law.

Extended suspension period

Driving with a suspended license often leads to an extension of the original suspension period. Courts may add several months to the existing suspension, further delaying the individual’s ability to legally drive. This extension reinforces the necessity of observing legal directives.

Increased insurance rates

A conviction for driving with a suspended license can result in increased insurance rates. Insurance companies view such offenses as high-risk behavior, leading to higher premiums. This financial burden can persist for years, complicating the ability to maintain necessary coverage.

NJ points system

New Jersey’s points system adds another layer of consequences for driving with a suspended license. Accumulating points can lead to further suspension, mandatory driving courses, and additional fines. The points system serves as a constant reminder to adhere to traffic laws.

Long-term consequences

The repercussions of driving with a suspended license extend beyond immediate penalties. A criminal record can affect employment opportunities, housing applications, and more. Adhering to suspension orders can help avoid these severe and lasting impacts.